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China Launches First Commercial Rocket 'Hyperbola-1'



China Launches First Commercial Rocket 'Hyperbola-1': Details, Features, Highlights

A Chinese startup 'iSpace' has launched the first commercial rocket 'Hyperbola-1' of China into the Earth’s orbit.

Hyperbola-1 lifted off from Jiuquan Satellite Launch Centre with two satellites and payloads into a predetermined orbit. Before this, two attempts were made by other Chinese companies but failed.

Hyperbola-1 rocket measures around 68 feet (20.8 meters) tall, with a maximum diameter of around 4.6 feet (1.4 meters). 

Hyperbola-1 takeoff weight is around 68,000 pounds (31 metric tons) with three lower stages burning pre-packed solid propellants and a liquid-fueled upper stage for a final orbital injection maneuver.

Hyperbola-1 rocket is able to deliver up to 573 pounds (260 kilograms) of payload mass to a 310-mile-high (500-kilometer) sun-synchronous polar orbit.

Hyperbola-1 rocket is carrying the CAS-7B CubeSat (microsatellite). It is an amateur radio mission which is developed by the Beijing Institute of Technology.

Hyperbola-1 rocket is also carrying a satellite for Aerospace Science and Technology Space Engineering Development Co. Ltd.

Apart from the above, Hyperbola-1 delivered two more payloads for two Chinese wine and automobile companies that sponsored the mission.


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