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General Knowledge: Google features for online productivity



Google offers various features such as timer, fly through sky, build with chrome, fonts for improved productivity online

Google offers various features which not everyone is aware of, anyone can set an alarm, fly through space etc.

The company Google offers timer feature which helps the user to set up an alarm.

For this search set a timer for 5 minutes or 10 minutes which the user wants to set the time and the timer or alarm will be done.

Google in collaboration with Lego set up build with chrome feature

Google in collaboration with Lego also allows build with chrome feature for its users where the people can make building in 2D through Google Maps location.

Google allows number speaker which helps to know the number name of the any digits no matter how long it is.

For this the user needs to search the digit in the Google and after entering the number write ‘=English’ then the number name of the number will be displayed.

Google also offers fly through space feature where the user can search and fly through space from different options.

Google also offers web page fonts where the users can search and select from the fonts displayed.


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