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Online Consumer Centre Smart Consumer app for product information



Smart Consumer app by Online Consumer Mediation Centre for product information for consumers

The Government of India has launched a mobile application ‘Smart Consumer’ and ‘Online Consumer Mediation centre’ for consumer helpline.

The mobile app and the consumer helpline will help the consumers to access the product information easily especially by the consumers who shop online.

Smart Consumer app developed by Consumer Affairs Department and Google

The online communities will be benefited as they can get the information easily through the mobile app and the helpline centre in the digital World.

The mobile application has been developed by the Consumer Affairs Department with the help of Google to help the consumers and to reduce the online fraudulent activities.

The online communities will provide a platform for airing their views, experiences and grievances.

The Consumer Affairs department has keep in mind the latest challenges to consumer protection and laying various strategies for protection of consumers from fraud activities.


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