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Interior Cuban Minister Carlos Fernandez Godin passes away

Interior Cuban Minister Carlos Fernandez Godin passes away due to prolonged illness

Carlos Fernandez Godin, the Interior Minister of Cuban passes away on Sunday 8th January 2017 due to ‘chronic illness’.

Carlos Fernandez Godin had fought in the Cuban Rebel Army before the revolution and was promoted from first Deputy Interior Minister to head the ministry in October 2015.

Carlos Fernandez Godin will earn military honours

In accordance with Carlos Fernandez Godin’s will, he will be cremated and his ashes will be dignified at the Pantheon of Veterans in Havana’s Colon cemetery.

Carlos Fernandez Godin’s ashes are to be entombed in the Second Front Mausoleum in Santiago de Cuba where he will earn military honours.

Carlos Fernandez Godin had succeeded Abelardo Colome who served in that place since 1989 who resignated from the post due to health issues.


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