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Justice Ranjan Gogoi Profile, Early Life, Education, Career



Justice Ranjan Gogoi Profile, Early Life, Caste, Education, Career

Justice Ranjan Gogoi is a judge of the Supreme Court of India and he is in line to become the first Chief Justice of India & supposed to take oath on 3rd October 2018, from northeast succeeding Justice Dipak Misra, as the seniormost judge of the Court.

Justice Ranjan Gogoi will be the first judge from India's North East to hold that post of CJI.

Justice Ranjan Gogoi was born on 18th November 1954 (63 years)in Guwahati. His father Keshab Chandra Gogoi was a former Chief Minister of Assam. 

Justice Ranjan Gogoi Ranjan was enrolled at the Bar Council in 1978, where he practiced mainly in the Guwahati High Court. He was later appointed as Permanent Judge of Guwahati High Court on 28th February 2001.

Justice Ranjan Gogoi was transferred to Punjab & Haryana High Court on 9th September 2010. He was later appointed as Chief Justice of Punjab & Haryana High Court on 12th February 2011. Lastly, he was promoted as Judge of the Supreme Court on 23rd April 2012.

Justice Ranjan Gogoi is the first Supreme Court judge who fined a petitioner Rs five hundred thousand for withdrawing his petition after it came for hearing in front of the honorable court. 

Justice Ranjan Gogoi was also associated with the famous judgment that forbade politicians from inserting their photos in government advertisements.

Justice Ranjan Gogoi has also disapproved the bar council for typographic mistakes and everyone knows about his reaction in DLF case in his court which was registered out of the turn.


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