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Scientists To Redefine The Weight Of '1 Kg' After 129 Years



Scientists To Redefine The Weight Of '1 Kilogram' After 129 Years: Details, Need, Impact, Highlights

Today, on 16th November 2018 scientists around the world will vote to redefine the weight of kilograms weighing weight after 129 years. Scientists will also update the definition of the kilogram we use every day.

If the votes of the majority fall in favor of the change, then the way the weight is weighed, the method will change.

The kilogram was defined back in 1889, with a cylindrical-shaped block of platinum-iridium kept securely in a vault in Paris. It's called the "international prototype kilogram kg" and its nickname is Le Grand K. It is the standard by which all other weights are measured.

It has been kept in a Laboratory International Bureau of Weights and Measures in Severo City, France.

The need emerges when that block doesn't always weight the same. Although it is packed in a three glass bell jars and kept in a vault, still can get dirty and is affected by the atmosphere and so as the whole process of cleaning, handling or using the mass can change its mass.

It will not have any special impact on the general public, as they may continue shop in the market as before. Only the weight of kilogram weight will change.


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