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Nobel Prize in Physics 2019 winners Michel Mayor, Didier Quelo & James Peebles

Nobel Prize in Physics 2019 winners Michel Mayor, Didier Quelo & James Peebles

The Nobel Prize 2019 in Physics was awarded to Swiss Scientists Michel Mayor and Didier Queloz and Canadian American physicist James Peebles.

The Nobel Prize 2019 in Physics half of the prize was won by the American for his contribution towards “Theoretical discoveries in physical cosmology”. The other half was shared between the Swiss scientists for their work on “Discovery of an exoplanet orbiting a star similar to the sun”.

The Nobel Prize 2019 in Physics consists of 914,000 USD that will be split with one half to the American scientist and the other half to be shared between the Swiss scientists.

About James Peebles 

The Canadian American physicist James Peebles had contributed several discoveries in the field of physical cosmology for which he is awarded the prize. His discoveries are as follows

In 1987, Peebles proposed Primordial Isocurvature Baryon Model which explains the development of early Universe
James Peebles is also known for the Ostriker – Peebles criterion that related to the stability of galactic formation
James Peebles has made significant contributions towards cosmic microwave background radiation, Big Bang nucleosynthesis, dark energy and dark matter.
James Peebles was the pioneer in the theory of cosmic structure formation.


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