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Science: Definition of magnet and Use of Magnetic field in Modern World



Science: Definition of the magnet, Use of Magnetic field, properties of the magnet, and magnetic material (Fe3O4

The natural magnet is a stone found in the process which attracts small fragments of iron. This stone is an iron oxide (Fe3O4). There is no definite omission in it.

Some substances can be made magnetically by artificial methods, such as iron, steel, cobalt, etc. These are called artificial magnet.

1. The oldest used magnet was used to know the direction by sailors. Today the compass box is used.

2. A magnet is used to identify iron substances. When iron filings are removed in the eye of labourers working on the lathe, they are removed with the help of a magnet.

3. A tape recorder has been created for sound recording and reproduction. On a tape, the magnetic field of the magnetic field can be recorded in one per cent of the magnetic substance. Sound, music, speech, etc. can be heard on these tapes and can be heard later.

4. Videotape can not only be used in the form of the transient intensity of the magnetic field but not only the sound but also the pictures. The movies can be recorded on the videotape. Any event can be recorded by the video camera as a magnetic video.

5. Magnetic memory is very important in the field of computer. The floppy disk also has the coating of magnetic material. The data can be written and deleted from a floppy disk with very sensitivity.


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