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Top Union Cabinet Approvals 7th December 2018 GK, Current Affairs, News



Top Union Cabinet Approvals Daily GK GS Current Affairs Friday, 23rd October 2018 

1. Union Cabinet approves India & Japan MoC in the field of Environmental Cooperation

2. Union Cabinet approves India & Japan MoC in the postal field

3. Union Cabinet approves India & Japan MoC in the field of Healthcare & Wellness

4. Union Cabinet approves India & Russia MoU on Joint Activities- Human Spaceflight Programme

5. Union Cabinet approves India & US MoU on scientific & tech cooperation in earth sciences

6. Union Cabinet approves India & France MoU in the field of energy efficiency & conservation

7. Cabinet approves India & Tajikistan MoU on cooperation in space technology

8. Union Cabinet approves India & Zimbabwe MoU for cooperation in geology, mining & resources

9. Union Cabinet approves India & Uzbekistan MoU on cooperation in Outer Space

10. Union Cabinet approves India & Morocco for cooperation in the peaceful uses of outer space

11. Union Cabinet approves India and Armenia MoU on the joint issue of postage stamps

12. Union Cabinet approves India & Algeria MoU in Space Sciences, Technology & Applications

13. Union Cabinet approves revised Model MoU of India & foreign Financial Intelligence Units

14. Union Cabinet approves implementation of Shahpurkandi Dam on Ravi river in Punjab

15. CCEA approves Govt's existing 52.63% of total equity shareholders in REC to PFC

16. Union Cabinet approves Amendment of the Jallianwala Bagh National Memorial Act, 1951

17. Union Cabinet approves Agriculture Export Policy, 2018 to double agricultural exports

18. Union Cabinet approves National Mission on Interdisciplinary Cyber-Physical Systems NM-ICPS 


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