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Google honors achievements of Sake Dean Mahomed with a doodle



Google honors achievements of Sake Dean Mahomed with a doodle: Details, Profile, Work 

Search engine giant Google has honored Anglo-Indian traveler, entrepreneur Sake Dean Mahomed, who made a name for himself by building cultural connections between India and England.

On 15th January 1794, Sake Dean Mahomed became the first Indian author to publish a travel book in English named 'The Travels of Dean Mahomed'. 

In 1810, Sake Dean Mahomed also opened the first Indian restaurant in London, England-ushering in what would become one of Great Britain's most popular cuisines. 

Sake Dean Mahomed later went on to find success as the "The Shampooing Surgeon of Brighton," opening a spa in the British seaside town that attracted the rich and royal.

In 1822, King George IV appointed Mahomed as his personal 'shampooing surgeon', which greatly improved his business.

A portrait of Sake Dean Mahomed hangs in the Brighton Museum, commemorating this man who helped merge the cultures of his two homelands.

Sake Dean Mahomed died in 1851 (age 91-92 years) at 32 Grand Parade, Brighton.




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