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Astronauts found the cause of visual impairments suffered

Astronauts found the cause of Visual impairmnets suffered by them in a study at RSNA

The study scheduled to be presented at the annual meeting of Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) on Monday, December 5 found the determinant of why astronauts suffer visual impairments.

The astronauts serving on long-term space travels go through visual impairments after returning to Earth that includes blurry vision or partial blindness.

The researchers found the reason behind these impairments i.e. volume changes in the clear fluid found around the brain and spinal cord

Researchers to help in developing counter measures to protect the crew from ill effects of long duration exposure to microgravity.

The syndrome known as visual impairment intracranial pressure (VIIP) is reported in almost 2/3rd of astronauts after long duration missions aboard the International Space Station (ISS).


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