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Air Pollution: Effects of Particulate Matter on Human Body, Diseases



Science: Effects of Particulate Matter Some other diseases that affect health  

Both PM 2.5 and PM 10 particles are so small that you can not see through your naked eyes and they act as gas.

When someone breathe, these particles move into your lungs, which can read a cough and asthma attacks.

High blood pressure, heart attack, stroke and also become a threat to many serious diseases, as a result of which premature death can occur.

Everyone needs air to breathe, and air pollution comes in contact with air polluted air. One study states that the risk of air pollution is higher in urban and industrial areas than in rural areas.

Apart from this, exposure to air pollution is likely to affect children and senior citizens badly. People with heart and lung disease can be more at risk from air pollution.

If the PM 2.5 level is high the mist increases and the appearance of the cleaner also decreases. The worst impact of these particles in the air is on children and the elderly.

Some other diseases that affect health are as follows:

- Breathing problem

- Eyes, nose and throat irritation

- Stretch in the chest

- Unable to work properly on the lungs

- Severe respiratory disease

- Irregular heartbeat and so on.


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