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Constitution: Imperative of Development Management and Law

Imperative of Development Management and Law and Order Administration

Development management is related to coordination and management processes of international development programs and projects. The dominant paradigm in development management is the intervention in the form of a transfer of assistance by the external agency/donor and monitoring of the respective project cycle, i.e. project identification, planning (formulation and evaluation), implementation and monitoring, and evaluation.

The term development management is used in the meaning of achievement and objectives with optimum use of limited resources in manpower, finance, material, time and also the active contribution to the clarification and reformation of policies and objectives.

The urgency/imperativeness of this is seen in the light of the LPG era and immense pressure being put on developing countries to achieve goals and policies being set by the International organizations and the obligation to fulfill these to remain updated and in the race.

However, one should keep in mind that each country cannot compete as another, however, India specifically needs to shift its focus from development administration to a more efficient development management perspective and practice in order to remain in the league.


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