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Importance or Utility of the Legislative Council



The importance of the Legislative Council can be understood from the following discussion

The Legislative Council controls and guides the Legislative Assembly if its Members are in a hurry of enacting the law on any subject.

The Legislative Council can delay an Ordinary Bill for a maximum duration of four months. Thus, it helps in obtaining public opinion upon the subject, the Legislative Assembly is willing to enact law upon.

Members of various unrepresented groups and minorities can find representations through the Legislative Council.

The Governor of the State can nominate experienced, and educated persons to the Legislative Council. Thus, their services can be availed of for the betterment of the State.

Functions and Powers of the State Legislature:-

In the matter of running the affairs of the State, both the Legislative Assembly and the Legislative Council play a very important role. In brief, their functions and powers may be as following:

 Enactment of laws.

Control over executives.

Execution of financial matters.

 Miscellaneous other powers and functions.


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