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Food Security: Meaning and Need for Food Security



Food Security: Meaning, Need for Food Security, And State of Health

FAO defines food security as the situation of those cases where all people have access to safe and nutritious food at all times to maintain a healthy and active life. To achieve this, two conditions must be completed: safe, nutritious, and quantitatively and qualitatively enough food should be provided. Rich and poor, male and female, old and young must all have access to it.

Need for Food Security:-

Within countries, food-insecure poor are found in various subgroups, differentiated by location, business patterns, property ownership, race, caste, age, and gender. Most of the poor and food-insecure live in rural areas. They are landless or unable to make a food-secure livelihood on the land available to them.

At the household level, access to food may depend on factors such as the age and gender of family members, and the state of their health.

In many countries, female-headed households with no adult males are especially likely to have insufficient food. Babies and children, especially girls and children born lower in the birth order, are also less likely than other family members to receive sufficient food.


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