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EPCA restructured to tackle environmental pollution in NCR Region



EPCA restructured to tackle environmental pollution in NCR Region: Details, Features, Aim, Highlights

Union Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change (MoEFCC) has restructured Supreme Court-empowered Environment Pollution 'Prevention and Control' Authority (EPCA) to tackle environmental pollution in the NCR region.

This decision was taken after the tenure of the last EPCA expired on 3rd October 2018.

Former IAS officers Bhure Lal will continue to be Chairman of reconstituted EPCA and apart there are 20 more members in the panel

EPCA is Supreme Court mandated body tasked with taking various measures to tackle air pollution in the National Capital Region.

EPCA was notified in 1998 by Environment Ministry under Environment Protection Act, 1986.

EPCA mandate is to protect and improve the quality of the environment and prevent and control environmental pollution in the National Capital Region. It is also mandated to enforce the Graded Response Action Plan (GRAP) in NCR as per the pollution levels.

In November 2017, EPCA had enforced several measures, including a ban on brick kilns, closure of Badarpur thermal power plant, hot mix plants and stone crushers, and construction activities in NCR.


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