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Corona Effect: Gujarat use Homeopathic medicine Arsenic Album 30 to fight COVID-19



Department of Health in Gujarat claimed to Give Arsenic Album 30 to approximately half of its population since March 2020

In the Representation of strategies to fight against COVID-19 and its preventions with the World Health Organization (WHO), the department of health of Gujarat has Reported that it has been using a Homeopathic  Medicine Named Arsenic Album 30 for its Covid-19 positive quarantined patients and other quarantined people. Department further said it has distributed this medicine approximately 3.48 crore people in Gujarat.

Though It has no Scientific Proof that it prevents corona or the Covid-19 or it helps to cure COVID patients.

The state government also has claimed that people treated with Ayush (Ayurved, homeopath, yoga, Naturopathy, etc) have a recovery rate of more than 99%, and they all got cured during their quarantine. Department said these medicine and practices helped most people to increase their immunity to fight against COVID-19


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