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IMD New Ensemble Prediction Systems For Boosting Weather Forecast



IMD New Ensemble Prediction Systems For Boosting Weather Forecast- Details, Features, Significance, Purpose

Union Ministry of Earth Science (MoES) has launched a new system to generate more accurate and area-specific forecast of extreme weather events including rains, heat wave and cold wave.

The new Ensemble Prediction System (EPS) has been claimed as the best available forecast model after such a system available in Europe.

The new EPS system will generate more accurate and better area specific forecast of extreme weather events in comparison to current models by quantifying the uncertainties in the weather forecast. The accurate weather forecasts would help farmers to damage crops and also support administration to take disasters prevention steps beforehand.

The new EPS system has been developed by three bodies under Ministry of Earth Sciences including Indian Meteorological Department (IMD), National Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecasting (NCMRWF) and Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology.


The most salient feature of new EPS is its high resolution for short-medium range weather forecasts. Under the new system, the area of spatial resolution (currently 23 km grid scale) will come down to 12 km. This would help to send out district level warning and forecast extreme weather events as before as 5 days.

The EPS system will use a newly procured 8 petaflops high-power computing system. The system was recently procured for Rs. 450 crore.




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