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Meghalaya First Indian State To initiate Water Policy For Water Conservation



Meghalaya First Indian State To initiate Water Policy For Water Conservation: Details, Aim, Highlights

Meghalaya has become the first Indian state to initiate water policy for water conservation.

The initiative came after the Meghalaya State Cabinet chaired by Meghalaya Chief Minister Conrad K. Sangma on 13th July 2019, approved the draft State Water Policy.

Meghalaya Water Policy aims to provide safe and hygienic water for various purposes like drinking, domestic, sanitation and livelihood development. The policy recognizes water as a common pool resource for all residents of the state.

Meghalaya Water Policy will be implemented through the active participation of the community. The state will constitute a 'Water Sanitation Village Council' at the village level for smooth implementation of the policy. The policy lays down the quality check procedures to control the use of groundwater.

Meghalaya Water Policy outlines several measures like construction of check dams to conserve rainwater, setting up of rainwater harvesting systems, and proper ways to control improper use of groundwater.

Meghalaya Water Policy also suggests safety audit of state dams at periodic intervals by the Meghalaya State Dam Safety Organisation (SDSO) to identify the safety risks and mitigate the adverse impacts.

Meghalaya Water Policy would protect and improve the management of water resources in the state and will involve the entire community.

Meghalaya Water Policy also aims to protect and conserve the catchment areas of water sources like rivers with an aim to avert the degradation of both quantity and quality of these sources.


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