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Nobel Prize in Physics 2018 Winners, Winning Work, Discovery



Nobel Prize in Physics 2018 Winners, Winning Research in the field of Laser Physics, Features, Records, Winning Invention

The Nobel Prize Committee on October 02, 2018 announced the Nobel Prize in Physics, this time the Nobel of Physics will be given to three people, including Arthur Ashkin and Gerard Mourou and Donna Strickland.

Arthur Ashkin, half part in this award while Gerard Mourou and Donna Strickland have been honoured in half.

The Nobel Prize has been given to these scientists in the fields of laser physics.

Donna Strickland is the third female scientist to receive the Nobel Prize in Physics.

Arthur Ashkin is an American scientist, whose experiments with regards to optical tweezers and biological systems have been recognized by the Royal Swedish Academy.

Gerard Mourou (France) and Donna Strickland (Canada) have been selected for the Nobel Prize for a way to generate high-intensity, ultra-short-optical pulse.

Last year, the Nobel Prize in Physics was given to three scientists, Rainer-twenty, Barry Barrish and Kip Thron. The three scientists were awarded the Nobel Prize for the discovery of gravitational waves.

Canadian Donna Strickland is the third woman to win this award Prior to that, Mary Curie won the 1903 and Maria Goubert-Mayer Nobel in Physics in 1963. Doctor Strickland and Doctor Mouro have contributed to creating very small but intense laser pulse. He developed the technique called Chopped Pulse Amplification (CPA). Now, this technique is used in cancer treatment and eye surgery.


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