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Modern Personnel Administration And Public Administration

Links between the Kautilya Administration and Modern Personnel Administration And Public  Administration

Personnel Administration:

There was also a system of recruitment and job description. Salaries were clearly spelled out of ministers and government officials. It also stated a view of job permanency and increment in salary/position(promotion) if the official concerned provided exceptional service.

Personnel was to be transferred from time to time as per Kautilya because it would be protected corruption and misappropriation of government funds.

Removal and tenure of officials and ministers were at the pleasure of the King just like the Governor and Attorney General, etc. hold office at a term that specifies ' pleasure of the President'.

Public Administration:

The King is the only source of authority and recruits and dismisses personnel and divides the work of govt. into various ministries under several ministers and officials.

Kautilya stresses the need for specialist and generalist personnel at various levels of administration with full responsibility to the King, thus talks about division of labor and coordination between them for efficient administration. 

As discussed above there was a clear system of recruitment, pay, and terms and conditions of service very much resembling the modern State.

The modern state is more concerned about the development while the Kautilya model talks about collecting revenue and employing activities to help in expediting and ensuring revenue, so it mainly talks of control rather than development.


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