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Plastic: Definition, types and their uses



Material Science: Plastics Material Types, Definition, Usage History, Features

Plastic is a substance that can be molded in different sizes. The word plastic is made up of Greek porticos, which means shield any shape. Plastics are good resistant because electricity does not have any effect on them and they are made of polymers.

In 1856, the first man-made plastic was made by British chemist Alexander Pax. In 1907 the invention of the modern plastic backlit was invented.

Types of Plastic:- 

Natural Plastic:- It is plastic that becomes hard on heating and cooling when heated. Such as lakh.

Artificial Plastic:- It is a plastic that is made in a chemical manner. It is of two types:

Thermo Plastic:- This kind of plastic becomes hard on heating and cooling on heating. Due to a dichotomy at the end of the organic compound, their yogic multiplication becomes thermoplastic. Such as polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polystyrene, nylon Teflon, etc.

Thermosetting Plastics: This type of plastic becomes soft when heats for the first time and then it is shielded at the desired size. It cannot be softened again by heating it again. Such as vegetal, Bakelite, etc.


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