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Zoology: Study of Ants species Diana Rugosa and Odontomecus Nematodes joint eyes



The structural characteristics of the joint eye of the Ants, fact, and habitat 

Ants have amazing ability to look at. Indian scientists have researched the structural characteristics of their joint eye to understand visual sensory properties of ants in a recent study.

Scientists of the zoology department of St. Brurmens's College, Kottayam, Kerala have done a detailed study of the joint angles of two species of ants, Diana Rugosa and Odontomecus Nematodes. In this study, there is a great difference in the light sensory strategies adopted by both species of ants.

Scientists used the width of their head, the width of their eyes, the length of ophthalmic found on the surface of the joint eye, the total number of eyeballs and the total surface area, the rhabdom associated with the nerve fibres, for the comparative study of the joint eye of both types of ants.

The length and the basal lamina width of the brain have been assessed. Apart from this, the size of ophthalmologists also has been studied in the antenatal retina of the pigments and eyeglasses.

In the joint eyes of trachoma rugosa and odontomas nematodes, 1300 and 600 nephritides have been recorded respectively. Rectangular and oval ophthalmic findings have been found in the joint eyes of Odontomacus Nematodes. Significant differences in both ant species have been found.

Differences have also been noticed in the brain related aspects of both species. The visual sensitivity of the view nerves has been high in Drachma Rugosm due to its expansion.


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