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The 19th century The Age of Social Change And Revolution



The 19th century The Age of Social Change, Estates And French Revolution

The 19th century was an age of social change. As we have read into the previous chapter, the French Revolution had caused the rapid spread of the strong ideas of freedom, equality, and fraternity throughout Europe and even in the world.

It gave a fatal blow to feudalistic society and brought a social change in the structure of the society. Before the outbreak of the French Revolution, society was generally divided into Estates and Orders.

The economic and social power as the will was concentrated in the hands of the aristocracy and the church. But the Revolution brought a revolutionary change.

New ideas regarding individual rights came under discussion in various parts of the world including Europe and Asia. For example in India Raja Rammohan Foy and Derozio took Great inspiration from the French Revolution.

However, it should be remembered that everyone was not in favor of a thorough change in society in Europe. Some believed in gradual change whereas some others wanted to reconstruct the society radically. Thus, there were three opinions i.e., liberal, conservative and radical.


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