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Interpol Notices Types, Colors, Features, Work Culture, Link with UNSC



Interpol Notices Color description, types, features, history of human safety against criminals 

Red Corner Notice issued by Interpol to arrest the accused. Only the issue of a red corner notice does not mean the accused is the culprit but the accused must be sentenced by the court.

Interpol releases Orange Notice when there is an intelligence report related to some unlawful activity at some event, person, place or thing.

Interpol releases blue notice to identify a person, person location or to collect information about that person activities. The person must be under criminal inspection.

Interpol department releases black notice against unidentified dead bodies around the globe.

Interpol releases Green notice against those criminal background persons who are identified as a danger for public safety.

Interpol releases Yellow notice for missing kids or teenagers who fail to tell about their own identity.

Interpol releases Purple notice to collect information about criminals, their way of doing a crime, their types of equipment and their method of hiding.

Interpol releases Interpol-UN Security Council Special notice against an institution, person or group that falls under bans of United Nations Security Council. The color of the notice is light blue. Interpol-UN Security Council Special Notice starts in the year 2005.


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