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Note Ban: Demonetisation positive impact as per Nov 2016 report



Note Ban: Demonetisation positive result, Industrial production rose, inflation got down as per November 2016 reports

After demonetisation, it was suspected that the country’s economic growth will led down and speculation will take place.

The country’s industrial output rose to 5.7% in November while in October it was -1.9%.

The enormous increase in industrial output is due to increase in consumption of capital goods production

The inflation has also gone down due to demonetisation in December as it was recorded at 3.41% from 3.63%.

The economic earlier aimed that the inflation will go down to 3.53% but the inflation rate has gone down below the assumption.

This is the lowest level in the consumer price index in last two year due to fall in the prices of food products.

The manufacturing sector has also shown a growth as comparison it was earlier -2.4 and now rose to 5.5%.

The growth in basic goods has also been recorded at 4.7% from 4.1% and consumer durables rose to 9.8% from 0.2%.

Fuel inflation rose to 3.77% from 2.8%.


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