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Geography: The Main Heat Zones Area Tropical Zones, Temperature Zone, Frigid Zone



Geography: The Main Heat Zones Areas are Tropical Zones, Temperature Zones, and The Frigid Zone

There are three heat zones-

1) Tropical Zones- It is the region between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn which marks the limit of the overhead son to North and South of the Equator i.e, from 23.5 degrees S to 23.5 degree s with the Equator dividing it into North Torrid Zone and South Torrid Zone. The areas 5 degrees North and 5 degrees South of the equator are called Doldrums or Equatorial Zones.

2) Temperature Zones- The region between 23.5 degrees to 66.5 degrees both hemisphere. Here the climate is moderate, e.g. neither too hot nor too cold. This area does not receive direct rays of the sun. It receives slant rays of the sun. So, there is a great difference between the summer-winter temperature conditions, thus affecting the weather changes which mostly occur within this region.

3) The Frigid Zone- The region between Arctic Circle to the North Pole and Antarctica Circle to the South Pole is extremely cold. Because of the inclination of the axis, this area in North and South of the Equator receives very slant rays during winter.


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