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Global Hunger Index 2018: India gets 103rd position, Stats and Records



India ranks 103rd in Global Hunger Index Report-2018, a lot of starvation is still to be abolished 

Recently Global Hunger Index Report-2018 has been released. According to the report, there is still a lot of starvation in India. In the Global Hunger Index -2018, a total of 119 countries were included in which India is at the 103rd position.

India is ahead of countries like Nepal and Bangladesh, but ahead of Pakistan. Pakistan is present at 106th position, while India was at the 100th place last year. According to the report, 68 million people in the world are forced to live in a refugee camp.

Since the year 2014, there has been a steady decline in the ranking of India in the Global Hunger Index. India was 55th in the year 2014, it was in 80th in 2015, 97th in 2016 and 100th place in the previous year. In the ranking of the year 2018, India has dropped three places and dropped to 103rd rank compared to last year.

According to this report, the number of malnourished children has decreased in the world. In 1999-2001, the number of malnourished children was 17.6% whereas in 2015-17 it has decreased to 12.3%.
The growth of children in 1999-2001 was 37.1%, while in 2013-17, it decreased to 27.9%.In the Global Hunger Index, Belarus is on top while China is 25th, Bangladesh 86th, Nepal 72nd, Sri Lanka 67th, and Myanmar 68th.

According to the index of the year 2018, Zimbabwe and Somalia have the highest malnutrition rate of 46.6 to 61.8%. The growth rate of children is recorded in Timor-Leste, Eritrea, and Burundi. Due to hunger, violent situations have been reported in Chad, Haiti, Madagascar, Sierra Leone, Yemen, and Zambia.


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