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Mars Aeolis Dorsa region study reveals ancient surface water presence



Orbiting satellites on Mars reveals Aeolis Dorsa region geography supporting flow of liquid water on the Mars surface 3.5 billion years ago

In an ongoing study of the presence of liquid surface water on the Mars planet today or in the past history of the planet producing positive sign for the presence of liquid ancient water, on the surface.

As per the study of high-resolution satellite images, river deposits are present all over the planet.

A region on Mars named Aeolis Dorsa contains the absolute most dynamite and thickly stuffed river deposits.

Researchers from the Jackson School of Geosciences in the US recognized fluvial deposit stacking examples. They also recognized the change in sedimentation style along with coastline.

The study of the Mars surface high-resolution images includes Cross-cutting connection at valley-scale, various levels of water level fall and rise same as it happens on the earth planet.

Previously, NASA has already declared about the presence of saline water flow on the surface of Mars in studies carried out by rovers and satellites at Gale crater area.


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