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ESO Unveils Mars Landscape Shaped By Water, Wind And Ice Says Probe



On Mars, the scattered surface is visible due to rock, water, ice, and air. This has been revealed in the photographs sent by the Mission Space Express of the European Space Agency.

Space campaign analysts say that it is an indication of some activities in the past on Mars. Mars is divided into two hemispheres. The northern hemisphere is located somewhere below the southern part of Mars.

This topographic split shows that conditions on the surface of Mars are different. The Northern Hemisphere has a strong ground in Mars, while the southern part shows deep pits.

It is believed that due to the volcanic eruption, strong plains in the northern part of Mars have been prepared, while the rest of the area is similar to the first. There are rocky rocks in the northern part and there are small hills. Apart from this, water has also been seen in the west of the northern part.




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