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GK Question of The Day: November 22nd, 2018

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1. How many million dollar loan agreement has signed for the Jharkhand Electricity System Correction project in New Delhi on November 20, 2018, by the Central Government and World Bank?

Ans:- $ 310 million

2. Which state assembly passed a bill unanimously on November 19, 2018, to give land rights to the residents of the settlements in North Bengal?

Ans:- West Bengal

3. In which city was the 27th BASIC ministerial meeting organized on climate change?

Ans:-  New Delhi

4. Which country has rejected the 'United Nations Migration Treaty' after the United States?

Ans:-  Australia

5. Which is the country in which UNICEF has feared to be affected by the hunger of 70 lakh children?

Ans:-  Yemen

6. In the review meeting of the North Eastern States, what is the timing of all the North Eastern States free from defecation?

Ans:- December 2019

7. Which is the first country in G-7 countries whose central bank's property has more than the entire economy of the country?

Ans:- Japan

8. What is the name of the aviation minister and senior BJP leader in the Vajpayee government who recently died in Bangalore?

Ans:- Anant Kumar

9. Which state’s governor dissolved the state assembly on November 21, 2018?

Ans:- Jammu and Kashmir

10. The first crew of ISS climbed aboard the station in which year?

Ans:- 2000 


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