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GK Question of The Day: November 23rd, 2018



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1. What initiative did the Ministry of Human Resource Development initiate in order to systematically promote innovation in higher education institutions?

Ans:-  Innovation Council

2. Which player has made a record of making 11,000 runs in Ranji Cricket recently?

Ans:- Wasim Jafar

3. Which country has won the 59th Subrata Cup International Football Tournament (Junior)?

Ans:-  Bangladesh

4. Between the two separate political alliances, the state Governor Satyapal Malik dissolved the Assembly on November 21, 2018, during which a claim was made to form a government?

Ans:- Jammu and Kashmir

5. Which state's infrastructure and technology for education recently launched online open learning platform called 'Cool'?

Ans:-  Kerala

6. What is the name of the constellation discovered by scientists 8,000 light years away from the Earth, in which stars are rotating unexpectedly slow during supernova?

Ans;- Apepe

7. In which state was the 7th International Tourism Mart organized?

Ans:- Tripura

8. In which the state of India, recently, when a US citizen was allowed to go to a restricted tribal area, the tribe of his tribe killed him?

Ans:- Andaman-Nicobar

9. How many years did the International Space Station have completed in space on November 20, 2018?

Ans:- 20 years

10. Do the researchers of the IIT Institute develop a smartphone-based system to detect adulteration in milk?

Ans:- IIT Hyderabad


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