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History: Saudi Arabia lift ban against Women Driving on 24th June 2018



History of protests from Women of Saudi Arabia to get rights of driving in the country 

Today 24th June 2018, Women in Saudi Arabia celebrating the victory of their 30 years of the campaign to get freedom for driving vehicles on the road in the country.

The whole protest has a history of over 3 decades starting from November 1990 when 40 brave women drive in Saudi Arabia against the rule of the country. As per rule, these women sent to the jail for one day and their passports get seized by authorities.

In September 2007, 1000 women signed a petition and gave to King Abdullah asking him to lift the ban for women drivers in the country.

In June 2011, Saudi Arabia women launched a campaign ‘Women2Drive’ on Facebook. Around 70cases reported in the country against women participating in the protest.

In November 2014, Two women activists tried to drive from UAE to Saudi Arab. Government agency launched cases of terror against them and kept them in prison for 73 days.

With all success of protest and continuous efforts from the women of Saudi Arab King Salman released the order in favor of Saudi women in September 2017.

Today is the day when the ban for driving for women in Saudi Arab scrapped.


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