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World Expo 2030 Saudi Arab: Theme, update, History



World Expo 2023 Saudi Arab Afro-Eurasian Theme, Update and the History of World Expo 1851 London

The International Exhibition Bureau, the global organization that organizes the World Expo, has selected Saudi Arabia for 2030 through an important vote regarding the upcoming World Expo.

After the upcoming World Expo 2025 in Japan, the World Expo event of 2030 will be held in the Gulf country of Saudi Arabia.

The following are the results of the voting conducted by the member countries of the International Bureau of Exposition at the 173rd General Assembly held in Paris, France to select who should host the World Expo 2030:

Total participating countries: 182

In favor of Saudi Arabia: 119

In favor of South Korea: 29

In favor of Italy: 19

History of World Expo 1851

World Expo has an old and rich history. The World Trade Festival started in 1851. The purpose of the first World Expo held in London was to showcase technological achievements, which gradually became a global platform.

18 thousand traders from about 180 countries participated in the World Expo held in 1851. The World Expo also promoted cultural globalization and gender equality, which has influenced many international decisions.

The World Trade Event is organized every five years by the International Exhibition Bureau. Millions of people come from all over the world to see it.


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