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PM Lee: Singapore & India become partner in Defence & Security



Singapore India’s partnership for defence and security

Singapore and India share a very close relation and this partnership will deeply cooperate defence and security.

This corporation is in the framework of ASEAN, East Asia Summit and ASEAN Regional framework which aims at building the cooperation in the open and inclusive architecture for regional cooperation.

The main concern for the security in India is rising of terrorism especially cross border terrorism, the rise of radicalisation and cyber security issues.

India's PM Narendra Modi and Singapore's PM Lee Hsien Loong signs memorandum of understanding

The two countries presently have the priority to keep the communication open in the sea lanes and to respect the legal orders of seas and oceans in the country.

So every country should stand as one to fight against the threats of the countries and cooperate among themselves.

For the sake of peace and humanity every citizen should act and stand for the country to fight against the evils of the country.

He has invites the PM of Singapore to visit and make it productive as well as successful.


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