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Sri Lanka first satellite 'Ravana 1' launched into orbit



Sri Lanka first satellite 'Ravana 1' launched into orbit: Details, Features, Specification, Highlights

Recently on 17th June, Sri Lanka successfully launched its first ever satellite ‘Raavana-1’ into orbit. It was launched from International Space Station (ISS) along with two other BIRDS 3 satellites from Japan and Nepal.

The ‘Raavana-1’ satellite was deployed to 400-km of orbit at an inclination of 51.6 degrees using JAXA (Japanese Aerospace and Exploration Agency) owned Kibo experiment module.

The ‘Raavana-1’ satellite was designed and developed by two Sri Lankan engineers, Tharindu Dayaratne and Dulani Chamika who are studying space engineering at Japan’s Kyushu Institute of Technology.

The ‘Raavana-1’ satellite was officially given over to JAXA (Japanese Aerospace and Exploration Agency) on 18th February and was sent to International Space Station on 17th April, through the assistance of Cygnus-1 spacecraft from the United States.

The ‘Raavana-1’ satellite t is a cube satellite measuring 11.3 cm x 10 cm x 10 cm and weighs around 1.05 kg. It is expected to fulfill 5 missions including capturing pictures of Sri Lanka & its surrounding regions. It also has an active attitude stabilization which will ensure that the satellite’s attitude is stable under the influence of external talks.

The ‘Raavana-1’ satellite is designed for a minimum lifespan of 1.5 years but is expected to be active for about 5 years.


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