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Supreme Court accepts the validity of Aadhaar card



The base will remain intact with some changes said the Supreme Court

The Supreme Court has passed a major ruling on September 26, 2018, on some petitions challenging the Center's crucial base program and constitutional validity of the 2016 law related to it. The Supreme Court has recognized that the base is the identity of a common man. The Supreme Court said that the constitutionality of the base will remain intact with some changes.

A decision on the basis of the Supreme Court
The basis is not necessary for the CBSE, NEET. Apart from this, Aadhaar card is not necessary for admission in school.
Linking the base to mobile is not necessary. The Supreme Court has canceled the decision to link the base with the bank account.
Supreme Court said that the decision to add PAN card to the base will be up.

The Supreme Court said that logical thinking behind the basis. At the same time, the Supreme Court said that authentication data can only be kept for 6 months. There should be at least data.

While studying the decision, the Supreme Court said that based on the basis, people without education have been recognized. The Supreme Court assumes that the base is the identity of the common man.

Aadhaar numbers will also be required to avail benefits of pan-card and government schemes.

The Supreme Court has admitted that the base is different from other ID proofs as it can not be duplicated.

In the verdict, the Supreme Court said that 99.76 %of the people can not be denied the facility. The society is benefiting from it and the poor sections of the poor are getting benefit from it.

According to the Supreme Court, in case of security, agencies can demand a base. The demand for a security accent would be valid for the security agencies.


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