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Fold mountains and Block mountains Definition, Differences, Geography



Fold and Block mountains definition, formation, and geographical differences

To understand geography better we need to have a detailed information about its external landforms.

as we know the earth is made up of three layers - crust ,mantle and core.

Mountains are present on the upper surface (crust).They have a great significance in the physical landforms of earth.

Fold mountains definition

These mountains are formed when large movements take place in earth's crust.

This could be due to the flow movements in mantle, load of rocks , or expansion and contraction in any part of earth's crust.

These mountains are very important and widely distributed. These are mostly formed on those places where tectonic plates converge towards each other.

We know that continents and oceans are present on the earth's crust.

So, when a convergence takes place (inside the mantle magma moves in an anticlockwise direction) and at a point where land is in respect to the ocean.

Then the extra dust or rocky particle extracted from the land region, present at the corner, gets subduct inside the crust (due to pressure)and then further

passes into in the mantle. And because of this conversion , fold mountains are formed.

The great fold mountains of the world are the Himalayas , Andes , Rockies and Alps.

Block mountains definition

When the magma inside the mantle flows unevenly , then the earth's crust pulls apart and faults are developed in between.

This faulting may also be caused by compression or tension. The faulted edges are steep. 


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