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India : Graphical Location, features and Neighbors



Geographical condition of India 

India is situated in the Southern part of Asia. India has a wide variety of ecosystems and climates, including mountainous hills and plateaus and deserts. The northernmost part of the Indo-Australian plate, India, occupies most of the Indian subcontinent on Indian Plates. The countries are located north of the equator between 8▫4’ north to 37▫6’ north latitude and 68▫7’ east to 97▫25’ east longitude.

If we consider area, then India is the 7th largest country which is 2.4% of the world and on the behalf of population count, India is 2nd largest country in the world which is 17.6% of the world. India expanded 3214 km from north to south and 2933km from east to west with a total land frontier of 15200km and a coastline of 7516.6km. By the 15th census of 2011, the population of India is 121 crore. India is bordered in Pakistan, China, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Burma ( Myanmar). The Arabs, Bengal, Mannar Bay, the Indian Seas, and the countries of Pakistan are bordered.

The four major geographical features of India are-

  1. The Indo-Gangetic plain
  2. The Himalayas
  3. The desert regions
  4. The Deccan plateau


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