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wildlife sanctuary definition, importance, popular list in India



What is the Wildlife sanctuary?

A wildlife sanctuary is an area with an environment that protects animal habitat and its surroundings from the interference of any sort. Within these places, it is strictly prohibited to capture, kill, and breed animals. They try to make the animals live comfortably. There are lovely palaces of wildlife in India, dense forests, wide rivers, beautiful high-lying mountains.

In a wildlife sanctuary, tourism is not allowed. There is no uninvited permission for people. The main aim of creating a wildlife sanctuary is to teach people how animals are to be handled. Animals should be taken care of in their natural environment and are permitted to live peacefully 

What is the Importance o wildlife Sanctuary?

In modern civilization, humans continued to acquire all the land for industrialization or for the living irrespective of the forest, mountains, and any other land that leads to low on living place for all other animals. Also, lots of groups of people do hunting of animals and do illegals acts with animals by selling animal parts. 

Hence to protect animals from being harmed and to give them a secure and peaceful place government decide to make wildlife sanctuaries for animals where they can survive without any disturbance and harm. Wildlife sanctuary also provides animals their own natural environment to live.

Some of Popular Wildlife Sanctuary India are listed below:-


Name of Wildlife Sanctuaries



Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary



Chilika Lake Bird Sanctuary



Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary



Gir National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary



Govind Wildlife Sanctuary Uttarakhand


Madumalai Sanctuary

Tamil Nadu


Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary




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