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Geology: Endogenic vs Exogenic Forces Comparison for Geomorphic Process



Endogenic Forces vs Exogenic Forces A comparison and importance in forming the planet earth surface

The geomorphic process consists of two types of planetary forces 1. Endogenic Forces, 2. Exogenic Forces

Below are the differences and special features of Endogenic and Exogenic Forces:

Sr. No. Endogenic Forces Exogenic Forces
1. Endogenic forces are internal Forces. These forces are derived from the interior of the earth's surface. Exogenic forces are derived from the planet earth's exterior within isn't atmosphere
2. The energy emanating from within the planet earth is the main source of endogenic geomorphic processes. Exogenic forces can take the form of erosion, deposition, and weathering.
3. Endogenic forces are land building forces. Exogenic forces are land wearing forces.
Examples: Mountain building forces, earthquakes, Volcanism, continent building forces, etc. Wind, Sea waves, Water flow, rivers, landslide, etc.

This way in geomorphic processes Endogenic forces and Exogenic forces play a vital role in defining landmass, plain, plateau, and mountain.


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