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Famous Harappan Sites: Location, Common Features, Archaeological Findings



Popular sites in Indus Valley Civilization and their details 


Sr. No. Name Location Archaeological Findings
1 Harappa Punjab Province Pakistan Harrapan pottery, chert blades, terracotta figurines, seals, weights, copper bullock. 
2 Mohenjo-daro Larkana District, Sindh Pakistan great bath, hidden drains, uniform buildings, and weights. 
3 Kotdiji left bank of the Sindh River, Pakistan Bull and mother goddess statues.
4 Kalibangan Hanumangarh, Rajasthan Fire altars, charging bull, camel bones, tiled floors.
5 Chanhudaro Sindh, Pakistan Seal, toys, bone implements.
6 Alamgirpur Meerut, Uttar Pradesh plant fossils, animal bones, pottery, copper tools. 
7 Ropar Punjab Decay evidence of pre-Harappan culture. 
8 Dholavira Rann of Katch, Gujarat Signboard with Indus script
9 Lothal Ahmedabad, Gujarat artificial dockyard, rice husk, bead-making factory.
10 Sutkagendore Coastal town from Arabian sea to Iran border trade route between Harappa and  Babylon
11 Banawali  Hissar, Haryana high-quality barley.
12 Mittathal Bhiwani, Haryana terracotta cartwheel.
13 Surkotda Bhuj, Gujarat horse bones
14 Rangpur Ahmedabad, Gujarat rice husk
15 Bhagatrav Bharuch, Gujarat port
16 Rakhigarhi Hissar, Haryana largest site

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